Services Summary

Building Surveys

Our building surveys can be tailored to meet your requirements and in addition to assessment of the condition of the property can include advice on development potential, long term maintenance cost planning and potential leaseholder liabilities.

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Freeholder Purchase Surveys

Often combined with a long term Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) we can help Freehold and RTM companies understand the full extent of maintenance liabilities over the long term and develop a strategic plan to manage the costs.

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Planned Maintenance Programmes (PMP’s)

Planned Maintenance Programmes are designed to support strategic maintenance planning over the long term.Designed primarily for large blocks and sites they provide a summary of their condition, life expectancy of the major components and a fully estimated maintenance cost schedule going forward for up to 30 years. They allow clients to allocate and set aside funding for cyclical decoration works and major replacement works.

Building Pathology & Defect Diagnosis

Water penetration, leaks, timber decay, cracking and various other building ailments can cause serious damage to your property be it your dream home, business premises or long term investment. Whether you’re a property owner, manager or occupier we can tailor our services to focus on specific defects identifying the cause, proposing remedial works, estimating the cost of repairs, drafting plans/specifications and managing remedial works on your behalf.

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Project Management & Contract Administration

We offer both Project Management and Contract Administration services. Contract Administration Services are best suited to clients intending to appoint a main contractor with the contract administrator appointed on behalf of the client to oversee the site works and maintain cost and contract control. Project management is suited to situations where the client wishes us to manage the whole of the project appointing individual trades and specialists on their behalf from inception to completion. Both roles have a significant overlap and we would be happy to discuss the merits of each appointment type in relation to your project.

Feasibility Analysis & Cost Advice

Our feasibility reports take a holistic approach to each and every project providing detailed cost information and advice on procurement strategies and statutory requirements at the beginning of your project to ensure a successful outcome and avoid abortive costs.

Architectural Design Services

We offer a full range of architectural and interior design services undertaking work in all sectors for both new build projects and existing properties to be refurbished, extended or converted. All design work is CAD based to enable easy on line collaboration. In most cases we provide architectural services in support of our other services looking after your project from inception to completion.

Design & Specification

Using the latest National Building Specification (NBS) software we ensure that all our specifications and schedules of work are both bespoke to each individual project and reflect the most up to date statutory Requirements. In addition and where appointed as project managers the software allows us to print of “Trade Reports” which can be issued promptly to individual sub-contracts for pricing from a single master specification avoiding duplication and reducing professional costs.

Employers Agent

Design & Build contracts require the appointment of an Employers Agent who is responsible for drafting the Employers Requirements and ensuring that the appointed Design and Build Contractor complies with them. We can provide pre-development advice on the most suitable procurement route and form of contract to prospective developers and act as Employers Agent on projects ranging from a single family dwelling to large scale estate builds.

Associated Services

Party Wall

The Party wall etc Act 1996 was introduced as a means to resolving potential disputes associated with construction works which may affect neighbouring properties. The Act places various obligations on the persons wishing to undertake the works but also provides a number of rights in relation to the works proposed and access to complete them.

The majority of extension, development and conversion works will include works which require notice to be served upon adjoining owners under the above Act. We offer free telephone advice to persons wishing to undertake work and adjoining owners.

For persons wishing to undertake works we offer the following services:

  • Pre-planning development advice – Identifying where proposals may be adapted to either benefit from the rights contained within the Act or to avoid the requirement to serve notice
  • Identify all adjoining owners
  • Draft and issue notice on clients behalf with their written authority to do so
  • Act as their party appointed or agreed surveyor

For adjoining owners who may have received a notice under the Act or who suspect that works may be in progress which would require notice we can offer the following services:

  • Assess any notices received and provide advice on the implications of such
  • Prepare and issue counter notices where authorized to do so
  • Act as party appointed or agreed surveyor

Freeholders Surveyor (License Application)

Acting as freeholders Surveyor we assess leaseholder license applications for alterations on behalf of our clients ensuring that proposed works meet the relevant statutory requirements, the terms of the lease and are undertaken considerately to minimize disruption to adjoining occupiers and damage to the building as a whole. Commissions to date have ranged from wet room installations through to the construction of roof level apartments on existing blocks.